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Software update

We will be performing a large update to a completely new version of our subscriptions management software. This may require quite a bit of time so we scheduled 4 hours although we actually expect/hope (?) to be done much quicker than that.
Such an update requires that we set the site offline for a good part of the process and you may experience issues after the site is back up while we carry on testing and additionnal checks.
Really sorry about the trouble, we hope disturbances will be limited.
(18:10 — Sep 8) Updates have mostly been completed and we now run a completely new version of our subscriptions system. The site is online again but we are monitoring performance and operations for the next 24 hours. Please report any issue you may encounter by commenting below. Sorry again for the disruption.
(11:23 — Sep 10) All looks good now, back to normal operation. \

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